Here is a post on how to log queries for debugging purpose in codeigniter3

Pre requisites

  • Codeigniter 3 setup
  • Basic knowledge of codeigniter 3

Codeigniter is basically a php framework, that helps to build developers api’s or a full end to end web development, at ease.

CI(codeigniter) Frameworks actually helps developers save time and also provides tools and utilities out of the box.

So today we are going to look at one such utility called hooks. As the name implies , hook your data to request or response or capture request/response by calling your own defined function at a particular…


  • Mongo installed on a local machine
  • Python installed on a local machine
  • MySQL installed and PHPMyAdmin or Adminer installed on a local machine.
  • Basic knowledge of command line.
  • Knowledge of SQL and procedures.
  • Basic knowledge of Python.
  • Knowledge of Mongo

This blog is on how to migrate data from MySQL to the mongo database. There are various tools for migration of data from MySQL to mongo that are paid versions and some that are open source are not customizable to our needs.

We will learn how to migrate data through our own custom data using the select query.


Subin Babukuttan

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